Soundtrack Review: Goldeneye

Composed by: Eric Serra

Conducted by: Erica Serra & John Altman

After a six-year hiatus, the James Bond franchise was revived with Pierce Brosnan in the lead role. Goldeneye centers on radical Russians plotting to use an orbiting pulse weapon for their own evil ends, with James Bond of course trying to stop them. It was a tremendous hit, and spawned a famously successful video game spin-off. John Barry unfortunately declined to return, and French song-writer and musician Eric Serra took over.

This is one of the most infamous movie scores in history, mainly because it’s a James Bond score. Almost entirely gone are the lush romantic themes and the jazzy orchestral style associated with the series. Instead there is a load of electronics interspersed by odd choral bursts and a cold, mechanical gong (which does sound pretty cool). While failing to fit in with the James Bond franchise, this style of music does convey the atmosphere of a collapsed Soviet Union. There are purely orchestral moments, but not very often and never to the depth of Serra’s predecessor John Barry or successor David Arnold. Continue reading