Soundtrack Review: Diamonds are Forever

Composed and Conducted by: John Barry

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, with Lazenby doing his only appearance as James Bond, was successful, but box office receipts were down from the previous two thanks to the casting of an unknown in the main role. With Lazenby declining a return thanks to terrible advice from his agent, the producers begged Sean Connery to come back. Wanting to raise money for a charity, the first film Bond accepted, knowing that a lot of said money would be earned. Diamonds Are Forever marks the official beginning of the more goofy and implausible era of Roger Moore’s James Bond, although Connery as said before is in this picture. Despite many ludicrous antics such as a moon buggy chase and Blofeld disguising himself as a woman, Barry delivered a strong musical score once again, and he would continue to do so even as the Bond films fell deeper into campy territory.

The main title song is sung by Shirley Bassey of Goldfinger fame and has a pretty nice tune, with a sparkling rhythm underscoring it. This sparkling rhythm always pleases when it backs up one of the themes in the soundtrack. It adds a haunting, mysterious atmosphere, which is odd because the movie isn’t like that at all. The main tune from the song isn’t too bad itself, and has a neat lounge-style instrumental appearance in track 6. Continue reading